I have been teaching bassoon lessons on SKYPE for a few years now. This is a fantastic way to aqquire some unique bassoon skills and stretch your ears, abilities all while learning how to improvise. You'll learn theory, you'll improve your hearing, your sense of harmony, rhythm and phrasing. As I am traditionally trained at a classical music conservatory and can teach traditionall classical bassoon-my instruction methods will help you bridge the gap from traditional music styles to those featuring improvisation and 'swinging' and 'grooving' phrasing. Here's a video about my SKYPE lesson program:

Paul Hanson SKYPE lesson program

Here's another video that talks about how to play the fabled jazz standard "All The Things You Are":

All The Things You Are -on Bassoon

Last but not least-and for you saxophonists out there: I teach saxophone as well-so here's a comparison between the bassoon and saxophone on the Chich Corea tune "Humpty Dumpty"

Paul Hanson Humpty Dumpty

For SKYPE lessons: you need:

#1: A robust, working internet connection

#2: A Pay Pal account

#3: Take care of the paperwork (signed and returned contract agreeing to the lesson fee for a certain amount of lessons. 

I have different lesson plans based on length of study periods.

For all of this-please inquire at

Looking forward to meeting you on SKYPE! Paul Hanson

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