I'm a Moosmann Bassoon Artist and I play a  Moosmann AP 200 bassoon. More Gear Below!                                           

Right now as of 2019 as I'm touring with

Billy Cobham-I'm happy with this setup:

This I use with the Trent Jacobs Little Jake Pickup-I go into the MXR Bass Envelope Filter-then the Pog 2 made by Electro-Harmonix-then the TC Helicon Voice Live 2. This does great reverbs, delays, and great harmonies. But the Pog handles the octaves-especially upper octaves-as the octave 8VA sounds better on the Pog but doesn't do chords which sound wonderful on the TC. I power it with a Pedal Power brick that's connected to the floor pedal rack. 

Below-there's a bunch of stuff in this old Cirque Du Soleil rack that's not mine. That is old stuff I don't use anymore. 

The shot below the first one features a lot of instruments besides bassoon that I play. I'll go from left to right.

Yamaha Soprano Saxophone (won it in 1995 from JAZZIZ Magazine). I use a Bari rubber soprano sax mouthpiece with Rico Royal 3 reeds.

Selmer Mark VI Tenor Saxophone (serial numbers around 64,000). Now I play a Theo Wanne Gaia mouthpiece that is great with a Legere Tenor Saxophone reed strength 2 3/4ths. That's about a 3 for a cane reed. 

Selmer Mark VI Alto Saxophone. I use a brass Lawton mouthpiece that's medium open with Rico Royal 3s.

My beautiful Moosmann 200AP bassoon. I use Legere Reeds Bassoon Reeds and I am proud to be a Moosmann bassoon artist. I currently use Leitzinger bocals-I alternate between the gold-plated one for ease of playing in loud and high passages and the silver bocal for more of a classical sound. 

In terms of pedals-I have had a lot of them. I do also use the Line 6 Helix LT. There are some great things inside this pedal! 

In the last few years-great strides in bassoon pickup microphones have been made. Most notably at the top of the list is Trent Jacob's Little Jake Pickup microphone. Here's a shot of it on my bassoon. I have been using it on tour since March and it is really great. I never thought I'd ever stop using my FRAPs but I have. 

This can be purchased at Forrests Music online.